Theodore M. E. Taylor delights his audience with a unique style of theatrical storytelling that proves hilarious.



While studying Theatre Arts at the University of Houston, Taylor began devoting time to performing his stand-up routine at the legendary Laff Stop in Houston.  His relentless dedication to appearing on stage accelerated his craft at working with the audience, and his underlying theatre experience contributed an amazing sense of commitment to his material.  Taylor utilized his surroundings to create a powerful and relatable method of storytelling, which has continued to result in an overwhelming positive response from his audience, and earned him the title of Houston’s Funniest Person in 2011.  While working in Texas, Taylor has opened for comedians such as Doug Stanhope, Carlos Mencia, Josh Blue and Anthony Jeselnik.


Taylor is an African American in the truest sense, emigrating from Liberia when he was two years old.  His family moved from Washington DC to settle in Texas.  As a middle child in a large family, Taylor sought ways of gaining attention early on.  He performed his first comedy routine in the second grade.  With an innate attraction to the spotlight, Taylor developed his talents for singing and acting, and throughout this his comedic ability became undeniable. 


Diverse points of inspiration give Taylor a conceptual flexibility with his subject matter.  The dedicated professional studied Lucille Ball and Dick Van Dyke from an early age.   Taylor spent late nights with his father enjoying these comedians’ programs, but he also utilized this time to learn the art of timing. Eddie Murphy, Dave Attel and Dave Chapell also influence this comedian’s amazing range. 


The side-splitting storyteller uses his keen sense of observation and his relationships with family and friends to reach the audience on a personal level.   Taylor delivers his dramatic humor to sold-out comedy clubs, competitions, and renowned stages across the country. Through his creativity and sophistication with his comedic craft Taylor is unstoppable as his career catapults to great heights.